Getting to know the Kangaroo product brand
The Kangaroo product brand desires to woo all discerning snack lovers to a love affair that excites the senses, delights the heart, and satisfies the craving.

Giving you a compelling reason to fall in love with us, our brand offers a range of nuts that uses only freshly harvested nuts, seasoned with the finest ingredients to give you the most indulgent nut snacking experience ever. It is all about falling in love at first crunch, as you admire the sophisticated packaging, inhale the seductive aroma and savour the exquisite flavours. It's futile to resist, you know you will fall in love with our nuts…

The Kangaroo logo exudes understated elegance and quiet confidence. The logo is illustrated in gold, which is closer to the tone of russet, to depict a sense of maturity, subtleness and premium image. The darker tint on the creature belongs to the same family of the chosen gold colour. These two colours also resonate strongly with the colours on actual kangaroos.
Kangaroo - Love at First Crunch  
Kangaroo's range of nuts is specially created to wow our customers at the very first crunch!  
Maple Glazed Cashews

The viscous Maple syrup carries a characteristic earthy sweet taste. We gently coat our freshly roasted cashews with the amber syrup to produce these morsels of delectable joy. The sweetness of nature lingers in your mouth long after the last cashew is savoured.

Available in 35g, 100g, 300g and 600g
  Teriyaki Cashews

The Japanese loves the teriyaki sauce and for good reasons. This iconic condiment, sweet and salty all at once, is the perfect partner for meat dishes. We have taken a bold step to marry freshly roasted cashews with our Halal interpretation of teriyaki sauce and the result was most surprisingly good. Taste it and you will definitely want more!

Available in 35g, 100g, 300g and 600g
Mocha Almonds

Mocha Almonds was truly inspired by coffee lovers the world over. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is delicately infused into the choicest whole roasted almonds, bringing you the perfect indulgence for that special "me" time.

Available in 35g, 100g, 300g and 600g
  Cheddar Cheese Almonds

Made specially for cheese lovers! Cheddar is easily the most popular cheese of all times. The savoury taste of cheddar balances with the sweetness of almonds, culminating in a truly unique indulgence. Best enjoyed with a good glass of white wine.

Available in 35g, 100g, 300g and 600g
Rosemary Pistachios

Simply herba-licious! Carefully selected pistachios flavoured with the highly aromatic rosemary herb is a sure winner for those who love the fresh taste of summer. Eat it on its own or toss it in a bowl of garden salad and enjoy!

Available in 35g, 100g, 300g and 600g
  Salted Cashews

Definitely one of the all-time favourite nuts in Asia. Whole roasted cashews are given just a dust of salt to enhance the inherent sweetness of the nuts. These delightful, nutrition-rich cashews are best enjoyed with your favourite drinks or as part of your main meal for that extra crunch!

Available in 800g
Salted Pistachios

A perennial favourite amongst snack lovers. Specially chosen pistachios are slowly roasted and lightly sprinkled with fine salt to bring out the unique flavour of this super heart-healthy nut. Enjoy the pistachios straight from the pack, in a bowl of salad or crush them and sprinkle them over your favourite ice cream!

Available in 600g
  Mixed Nuts

This colourful mix of quality nuts, peas, beans and crackers is sure to be a crowd pleaser. There are endless ways to indulge in these fresh tasting mixed nuts with family and friends in heart-warming gatherings or during festivities and celebrations.

Available in 600g
Cracker Peanut

Roasted peanuts coated with a crusty tangy batter and fried to a clean crisp finish. So irresistible and addictive you’ll find yourself begging for more! A terrific accompanying snack for moviegoers or console gamers!
  Roasted Peanut

Wholesome peanuts are roasted to perfection that breaks it loose from the mundane flavor of boring peanuts. The seamless combination of sea salt and Kangaroo’s roasted peanuts entices and excites your palate as you end up with a mouthful of smooth creamy peanuts. Simply addictive!
Sweet Peanut

Traditionally baked peanuts seasoned with a saccharine blend of sugar and spices. A sure winner for those with a sweet tooth!

  Sugar Peanut

Peanuts dredged in brown and white sugar then infused with the perfect blend of spices to retain the original taste of peanuts.

Honey Cashews

Crunchy roasted cashews bathed in Australian honey and oven baked to enhance the succulent wonders of the sweet nectar. You will feel like you are in love again!

  Garlic Cashews

Savor the robust flavor of roasted cashews relished in pure garlic and other savory spices, which conceals the pungency of garlic. This snack is great for lovers and non-lovers of garlic the same, and even more perfect for those who love their snacks rich and crispy with that piquant punch.
Roasted Gram

Indian chickpeas roasted the Kangaroo way, sun-dried with no additional flavoring and toasted to crunchiness. Roasted gram is one of the most decadent snacks on our list. Never again will you have such pleasurable appreciation for something so original.
  Sunflower Seed

Premium sunflower seeds we have vigilantly hand-selected to ensure its wholesomeness. A crunch of these roasted sunflower seeds jazzed up with spices simply heartens up your day!
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